Sea Otter and Seal Hats
Seal and Sea Otter Trapper Hat $325
This hat can be worn with the sea otter flaps down and covering your ears or tied up. The hat comes in all
sizes for men and women and children. A mens size large fits a head circumference of 22-24" and XL fits
24-26". You can also order the trapper hat with sea otter fur and leather for $250. We have black, pink, blue,

and grey leather. The hats are lined with polar fleece. Baby Hats are 21" and fit about 6 months to 3yrs
old and are $150 for the seal and sea otter hats and $125 for the leather and sea otter hat.
All Sea Otter Trapper Hat $395
Extremely warm and beautiful. Testers have worn it in -30 and -50 degree weather and still
say it keeps their heads warm!!!

Hats modeled by: Brianne Webber